Code of ethics

Best of Gastronomie is a chef’s and Gourmet brotherhood:


* Best of Gastronomie is a professionals group of kitchen, food and beverage trades.


* Best of Gastronomie’s vocation is exchange, sharing, culinary transmission and promotion of chefs.


* Best of Gastronomie is also a link between producers and chefs implanted in the world with the objective of discovering quality products.


* With the logo of a handshake distinctly displayed on the medals, the Pin's and the trophy, "Best of Gastronomie" clearly displays the spirit of brotherhood which animates its members and its teams in which are banished all religious, political and racial considerations.


* Best of Gastronomie is an exceptional quality label for gastronomy professionals. We have 250 000 followers representative of the masters of taste and close to consumers at the search for good gastronomic addresses and product.


* Best of Gastronomie has ambassadors in France, abroad in 170 countries and by profession: Master Bakers, Community catering, Gastronomic press, Diplomatic tables ...

*"Best of Gastronomie" has also 12 training centers, in Middle East, in Africa and South America, Asia and Europe. 


* To request membership of "Best of Gastronomie" and obtain its culinary recognition medal, the request must be sent by mail to the President of the institution accompanied by a motivation letter and to answer the following questions:

1. Number of years of experience?

2. Current position and name of restaurant?

3. Diplomas already obtained in the culinary world?


* After rigorous study of each file and subject to acceptance, a gold or silver medal is awarded to proven gastronomy professionals, in bronze for gourmets who make a commitment to support "Best of Gastronomie" with certain culinary references.


* All new members are choosen and approved by the office of the country concerned


* Best of Gastronomie ambassador are dedicated to organize : Events, exchange and transmission, show, culinary demonstrations, gala dinners, promotions of establishments and products, cooking courses, national and international culinary competitions, presses ...


* As a member you have to participate actively to our local events. 


* Long live gastronomie , long live "Best of Gastronomie", its commitments and its values, as Samuel Chamberlain expressed it so well with these words: "The fine art of gastronomy is a warm art. It crosses the language barrier, makes friends among civilized people and warms the heart ”!



More facts ...


* Best of Gastronomie" now has more than 110,000 members cumulated on social networks and its Facebook page and capitalizes up to 5 million views per month on Instagram. With more than 155 countries represented.


* Best of Gastronomie is an exceptional quality label for gastronomy professionals with the ambition of exceeding 300 ambassadors to be even more representative of the masters of taste and closer to consumers at the search for good gastronomic addresses.

*We are 100% independent. 

All nationalities, all religions are welcome . 

*0% tolerance to inappropriate behavior with our female members . 

*Our slogan : “we are amazing together !”