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“Logo Color Symbols”
Gold- Represents The Exceptional Quality Label of Our Brotherhood.
Red- Cultivating a love of learning
White-Represents An Endless amount of possibilities
Blue- Symbolizes Trust and Wisdom.
Laurel leaves - symbolizes of special achievement, success and triumph. 
Fork-symbolize nutritious
Handshake-Seal of brotherhood
Molecular- Attribute to Gastronomy 
The molecules has Three Colors:
White, Red, Blue represents the Flag of France

Become a Professional Chef with the supervision of our Michelin’s Chefs !

Are you passionate about food?

Do you want to learn all the key techniques used by professional chefs?

Are you looking for a flexible and affordable online training program that could lead to a full-time career in the food service industry?

What will you get from our course?

An assessment and validation of your training through the portal that if successful will lead to your graduation and presentation of an On-line Diploma by Chef Academy London who are accredited by ASIC.

A 100% online training program based on the proven and established Chef Academy Introduction to Professional Chef course.

Presented by one of the industry's most respected Chefs, who's career has included working in many of the top fine dining and Michelin star restaurants in the UK.

A ground-breaking on-line platform that enables you to view the course in modules in your own time with interactive segments where your cooking skills will be assessed and reviewed by professional chefs in the UK.

The ability to further enhance your skills through the Michelin Star Advanced Techniques course and the opportunity to carry out live training in London's top restaurants through the Chef Academy network.

To enroll contact Our founder : Georges Grunenwald

Fees all included 1795€ 
You will need in general 6 months to complete all the credits .